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GreensDesigner is the largest online shopping    site  in    United States     and Bangladesh. Established in January 2009, this B2b site has already become a trusted marketplace for both sellers & customers. Right at this moment GreenDesigner is the most popular shopping site in the country.GreenDesigner tends to be the people’s marketplace; that’s why, we have both high-priced branded products as well as low-priced non-branded products on our site. We have a huge collection of 200k products from a number of versatile categories. GreenDesigner is the only site in United States where you can find every type of products under a single umbrella-from pen to printer, bicycle to sedan car, iron to washing machine & what not! Around 100+ top Designers of the country Designing  products to the valuable 500K customers via GreenDesigner. Every day, more than 50+ new products are added to our collection. GreenDesigner is led by its Founder & CEO MD Abdullah al mamun who is recognized as the most successful entrepreneur in the IT industry of  Bangladesh and United states.

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